Why is Spectrum Dropping Channels? – Solved

Although there are several good providers, Charter Spectrum is one of the best for a reason. The organization realizes how critical it is to make its subscribers satisfied. This is the reason they try to provide exceptional client service. They also provide the greatest deals in town. When it comes to deals, they provide fantastic TV packages. Currently, the company offers three different TV packages:

  • Select
  • Silver
  • Gold

However, subscribers may have recently noticed something. And it’s been announced that the provider is dropping channels.

This information may have alarmed many subscribers. This is because their preferred channel may be dropping. As a result, they are unable to stop questioning. Don’t worry; this article includes all the answers. So, keep reading!

Why Are Spectrum TV Channels Dropping?

Spectrum is among the cable TV companies that have made every effort to provide its consumers with a promising channel portfolio while keeping the packages inexpensive. The company intended to migrate Viacom’s 23 cable networks to Silver and Gold’s higher-tier TV plans.

Unfortunately, Spectrum and Viacom could not reach an agreement on this decision. Viacom pressed the provider to preserve its 23 channels in the basic TV Select plan. The goal was to make all these channels available to many people who couldn’t afford the more expensive tier.

Spectrum saw this as a deadlock, and at that point, the provider opted to drop Viacom’s networks because it couldn’t afford to include all 23 channels in its basic TV price.

On an October Sunday in 2017, thousands of Spectrum TV subscribers saw a message on their TV screens indicating that Spectrum was deleting channels powered by Viacom, including some of the most popular channels enjoyed by all.

This occurred in 2017, and the problem has since been fixed. The provider is dropping no channels!

What Are the 23 Channels Spectrum Is Dropping?

spectrum dropping channels

They were concerned when subscribers saw on their TV sets that Spectrum would be suspending Viacom-powered networks. So, here is the list of channels that will be dropped from the provider’s channel selection.


MTV, everyone’s favorite station, is unfortunately on the list. This station is well-known for broadcasting shows such as Jersey Shore, Double Shot at Love, and The Challenge.


This channel is quite popular among children. Unfortunately, the provider will be discontinuing this channel soon. The Loud House, Danger Force, and SpongeBob SquarePants are among the popular series on the channel.

Comedy Central:

Comedy Central is the ideal channel for all things comedic. However, Spectrum’s list will no longer include this channel. It is well-known for shows such as Broad City and South Park.


Viacom also powers this channel. It broadcasts several popular shows, including Love & Hip Hop: New York and Girls Cruise.


BET is a channel that all music lovers should have. Spectrum, on the other hand, will discontinue it. Mary Jane and America Soul are popular programs on this channel.

Nick Jr:

This is a channel for toddlers. This, too, will be removed from Spectrum’s channel roster. This channel is well-known for its shows like Paw Patrol, Rusty Rivets, and Bubble Guppies.


MTV2 is a popular entertainment channel many people watch to see series like Wild n’ Out and Guy Code. Spectrum, sadly, intends to discontinue it as well.

Nick toons:

This is yet another channel aimed at children. On this channel, many children enjoy watching Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, The Fairly OddParents, and Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

CMT Music:

Country music lovers would be disappointed if Spectrum dropped this channel, but Viacom owns it. Nashville Squares and CMT Hot Twenty are two of the channel’s most popular shows.


MTVU is another station that many people like watching for fun. It is well-known for shows such as VMA Performers and MTVU Music Block. Spectrum will drop this channel, which Viacom powers.

Aside from these channels, there will be 15 more that will be removed. Nick 2, CMT-Musik, Spike, MTV Leben, BET Her, Tr3s, Nick Music, Teen Nick, Nick Toons, Logo, TV-Land, and BET Jams are among them. The good news is that if you have one of the Spectrum internet plans, you can easily view these channels online.

What Does This Mean for Viacom and Spectrum?

After hearing this news, many people were irritated with the provider, and there was a massive pushback. This is because these are some of the channels that Americans enjoy watching. And letting them go was something they were not prepared for.

Because of the backlash, the provider considered speaking with Viacom. The corporation welcomed Spectrum, and the two worked together to find a mutually beneficial solution to the issue.

So, is Spectrum dropping channels?

The provider does not drop the channels. Following a discussion, Spectrum opted to add Viacom’s channels to its base package. In exchange, the two agreed to work on advertising possibilities.

Furthermore, Spectrum said it would co-create original shows with Paramount Television, with Viacom distributing them domestically and globally. This is great news for subscribers. After all, they can access unique material on the provider’s app by logging in with their Spectrum credentials.

Wrap Up:

You have no reason to be afraid about losing any of your content now that Spectrum has renewed its carriage agreement with Viacom. Now you can view whatever channel you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do I receive free Wi-Fi when I order Spectrum?

Yes. WIFI is included in all Spectrum Internet plans. In addition, you can update the Username and Password for your Wi-Fi by downloading the Spectrum App. However, the High Tier Plan gives its consumers additional out-of-phone Wi-Fi connectivity.

Is wireless access available with the Spectrum Internet Package?

Spectrum Wi-Fi provides wireless connectivity across your home via a home Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, you can utilize Spectrum Wi-Fi with your router across the country.

Does Spectrum offer Internet access for my home and business?

Yes. Spectrum provides Internet access to both homes and businesses. On the other hand, Spectrum Business users receive additional privileges like 24/7 customer support assistance, incentives, and other perks.

How do I find out if there is a Spectrum Channels outage in my area?

To check for outages in your area, log in to your Spectrum Account and check the Service Status to learn more about the problem if it occurs at the time.



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