Setek WIFI Extender Setup – Complete Guide of 2022

SETEK WIFI Extender Setup technology provides a solution to network, speed, and streaming concerns. The Setek Wi-Fi range extender increases network speed by reducing dead zones in your home or workplace.

The range extender additionally increases the region covered by your network. So you may have consistent internet access throughout your home or workplace.

This article will go through all the concepts and procedures for setting up an excellent Wi-Fi Range extender. Everything is listed below. Let us have a look!

Setek Wi-Fi Range Extender Setup:

The Setek Wi-Fi extender setup equipment gives a high-speed connection to your house or office. It is a signal booster gadget that boosts weak signals and increases the current Wi-Fi network range in dead zones. Hold the WPS button on your smartphone to set up the router and restart the Wi-Fi signals. It has four high-speed antennae to achieve internet speeds of up to 300mbps. Using this extender, you can quickly connect your firestick, game console, or smart tv with an Ethernet connection.


Features of SETEK Wi-Fi Extender:

There are two SETEK Wi-Fi range extender models available. SETEK Wi-Fi range extender SE01 and SETEK Wi-Fi range extender SE02 are the devices in question.

  • The first characteristic is that the Superboost Wi-Fi repeater variant of the extender provides up to 300Mbps network speed.
  • The second benefit is that the Wi-Fi range extender allows for a simple setup with any Wi-Fi router.
  • The third aspect of the range extender is that it supports IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, and IEEE 802.3 standards.
  • The fourth characteristic is that it supports WPS-enabled devices.
  • The range extender’s last feature is dual 10/100 Mbps auto-negotiation Ethernet connectors.

Setek Wi-Fi Extender Setup – Instructions:

You can use WPS or a Web Browser to set up your Setek Wi-Fi Repeater. These are two ideal methods for configuring a Setek Wi-Fi Extender. Let us begin with the WPS method:

Setek WiFi Extender Setup Through the WPS Method:

To configure your Setek Wi-Fi Extender through WPS, follow the instructions below:

1. Turn on the Extender Power:

Plug your extension into an available plug socket, close your router and wait for the power light to illuminate.

2. Engage the WPS Buttons:

Find the WPS button on your device and hold it down for 1-2 seconds. Next, briefly push and release the WPS button on your Setek Wi-Fi Extender.

3. Your router is linked to the extender:

Wait 30 seconds after pushing the WPS button on your devices for the extender to resume automatically. If your extender’s indicator light goes out and then back on, that signifies it’s linked to your router.

4. Place the extender in the best possible position:

The setup is now complete, and you must place your extension in an appropriate spot. Putting it halfway between your router and the region with poor Wi-Fi reception would be best. Remember that the place you select must be within reach of your Wi-Fi network.

If you are having trouble configuring your Setek Wi-Fi Extender, try once more and make sure you complete the steps. If you still can’t get it to work, reconnect the extender and your router, and check again.

Note: This approach only works with WPS-enabled routers; if your router doesn’t support WPS, proceed to the next setup phase.


wps setup range extender

Setek WiFi Extender Setup Via a Web Browser:

If you cannot link your extender via the WPS technique, as previously stated, try this method. You may use your computer or your phone to configure your Setek Wi-Fi extension utilizing this way.

That being stated, here are the steps you must follow to configure your Setek Wi-Fi Extender using a web browser:

1. The Extender’s Power:

Connect the device to a wall outlet nearby your wireless router and allow the power light to illuminate.

2. Join the Extender’s Wi-Fi network:

Using your smartphone or computer, locate and join the device’s Wi-Fi network. This should be in your wireless network list. Keep an eye out for “SETEK.”

3. Go to the Management Page:

The administration interface should appear automatically, especially when connecting the extender for the first time. If it doesn’t appear on its own, open the web browser on your phone or computer and type into the address bar. You can use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser.

4. Enter the Password:

To log in, You will need to enter your password. Click Login after entering the default password (admin). It will then search for wireless networks from which you may pick.

5. Select the Wi-Fi Network to Extend:

Select the Wi-Fi network to be expanded and enter the password. The password should be the same as the password for your current Wi-Fi network. Then, press the Connect button.

The extender’s default name (SSID) is your existing Wi-Fi network name, but with “-plus” appended at the end.

6. Finishing the Setup:

When the configuration is finished, your Setek extender will restart automatically. When ready, connect to your extender’s SSID to complete the setup.

7. Position your extender as correctly as possible:

Place the extender among your router and the region with low Wi-Fi signals. Check that the area is within range of your current Wi-Fi router network.

Wrap Up:

Thus, following these instructions will allow you to accomplish the Setek range extender configuration effortlessly. You may surf the internet at 300mbps after installing the Setek extender. It will enable you to connect to a game console, smart TV, or firestick through an Ethernet wire.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it improve my Wi-Fi signals?
It mainly relies on the output signals of your Wi-Fi, but yes, it enhances signals to the utmost.
Does this extension have to be hardwired to the router to function?
No, it does not require a wired connection. It collects router signals and extends them to regions with poor or no connection.
Do I connect this to the router, or where do I need a more robust signal?
You would connect this in the router’s range but closer to where the signal is required.

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