Xfinity Router Blinking Orange – How to Fix?

looking for a solution of orange light on xfinity modem? Xfinity routers are supplied with various indication lights that indicate the device’s condition. A consistent white light, for example, indicates that your router is turned on, but a steady red light indicates that your device is not connected to the internet. But what does it signify if your Xfinity router flashes orange?

If your Xfinity router is glowing orange, it is conducting a firmware upgrade. After 15 minutes, the upgrade should be completed successfully. If your Xfinity router continues to glow orange after 15 minutes, disconnect it, pause for a full minute, and then connect it back to reset the device.

It might be frustrating if you don’t know what to do when your Xfinity router blinks orange, and you have no internet connection. Fortunately, I have a few tried-and-true strategies for troubleshooting and resolving this problem. Please continue reading to learn what it means and how to solve the blinking orange light.

orange light on xfinity modem

What is the Meaning of This Orange Light?

It indicates that you cannot access the internet. This might occur as a result of wrongly setting the LAN connection or the usage of faulty wires. Contact your ISP to explain the “Xfinity Router Flashing Orange No Internet” problem in this situation.

Why There’s Orange Blinking in My Xfinity Router? – Top Causes:

As you understand now what it means to have this problem just due to a absence of  internet access. Let us see why it is continuously upsetting you.

Problems with Your Internet Service Provider:

You have access to the internet via your Xfinity modem’s WiFi connection. However, your connection may become slow at times, and your different gadgets may be unable to connect effectively.

Due to a lack of connectivity, the Xfinity router flashes orange.  This is most likely the result of an issue with your Internet provider. So, if you observe a slowness in your internet connection, call your network provider to examine.

Using Untrustworthy Power Sources:

The primary cause might be a power loss, which could be planned or unplanned. As a result, your modem is experiencing some variation.

An error could also occur if your power keeps going out and returning. Since you try to restart your internet after realizing it has stopped operating when the power goes off. If the procedure fails, it might be due to a modem malfunction.

Using Outdated Firmware:

Everyone in the modern world is familiar with the internet and regularly updates their modem.

However, this is not happening for some reason; it raises the pace of Xfinity router blinking orange troubles, and you cannot accomplish various forms of online jobs. This issue is caused by a lack of internet access, which must also be repaired.

Using a Defective Modem:

You are bothered by the Xfinity modem blinking orange, but you also notice several indicators and determine that the model is broken. If the modem produces even the smallest noise when transferring or receiving data, it will instantly notify you. All these indications point to a malfunctioning modem.

A faulty Ethernet Cable Was Used:

You’ve probably seen that when internet cables break, the internet speed slows down. As a consequence, the breakdown is inconsistent, and we do not obtain appropriate connectivity in a constant quantity. These objects linked to the internet are responsible for the orange light on the Xfinity modem.

Service Outage In Your Area:

You are suddenly not able to utilize any of the previously paid-for services. This is normal during Xfinity internet service interruptions. The color of your Xfinity modem will then change to orange.

This is another regular phenomenon, but you have to wait a little while for it to occur; the issue will only display on your screen briefly.

Now you have an idea; there are several reasons why the Xfinity router can light orange. What you should do to make things right is listed below.

If the suggestions in this article could not resolve the problem, you must contact support. But let’s look at what you could do to solve this issue.

How Do I Fix My Blinking Orange Xfinity Modem?

To find a solution, you must also be prepared to work hard. To that purpose, we’ve supplied some procedures for eliminating the causes above and permanently resolving the Xfinity modem blinking orange light problem.

1. Rebooting The Router:

Rebooting or power cycling the router should always be the initial line of defence. This is because, in virtually all circumstances, this easy change will cure any problem. You can try the following solution if this doesn’t solve the issue.

Let’s look at the process of restarting the router first, though. Using the Xfinity App or manually, you may restart the Xfinity router. When the orange light on your router blinks, it means that your network system is probably down and the Xfinity App won’t be much use.

You may also do it by yourself. Disconnect the device from the power supply and reconnect it after 10 to 15 sec. Yes, it’s that simple. Continue to the following remedy if the Xfinity router device continues to glow orange.

2. Examine the splitter:

A malfunctioning or broken splitter is one more source of this problem. You may test this by linking the internet wire straight to the router. Examine the orange light to determine whether it is still flashing.

3. Examine The Cables:

This doesn’t happen frequently, but when we repair our device, clean around it, or relocate the router to a good area to boost the wireless signal, we may accidentally detach a cable, loosen the connection, or connect it to the wrong port. All of these can result in an Xfinity router blinking orange.

To fix this, verify all cables and confirm that they are firmly put into the relevant ports. Always double-check the ends of the cable. Additionally, ensure that the cable is attached to the right port.

4. Service Disruption:

Service interruptions might lower signal power, causing the orange indicator to flash. Using your phone and the Xfinity App, check for service interruptions. When the service interruption is ended, the orange light should be repaired. In this case, all you can do is wait or call your Internet Service Provider for further information.

5. The Router Isn’t Working:

If you are using the exact router for a prolonged period of time, it’s time to upgrade. If you recently purchased the router, you should contact Xfinity tech support to address the issue, which brings us to the end of the process.

6. Reset Your Router:

If your Xfinity router persists in glowing orange, rebooting it may assist in troubleshooting and resolving the issue. Unplugging your router or pushing the reset button will re-initialize it. The procedure is as follows:

  • Disconnect your PC and all router-connected gadgets.
  • Disconnect the router’s power supply.
  • Wait for at least 15 seconds.
  • Reattach the power cord.
  • Wait around 10 minutes for the connection to re-initialize.
  • Examine the status light to verify whether you are back online.
  • Turn on your gadgets (PC, phone, etc.)

7. Contact Xfinity Technical Support:

If you haven’t been able to address the blinking orange issue with your Xfinity router, the ultimate step is to contact Xfinity for assistance. They can attempt to address the problem remotely or contact a professional at your location.

Alternative Video: xFi Blinking Orange Solution

To Sum Up:

The Xfinity router blinking orange is an unusual activity that should be resolved as quickly as possible. Before calling Xfinity support, try each of the available methods.

You may also call the support service right away if attempting to address the orange light issue on your looks is too harsh. There’s nothing wrong with it. After all, the aim is to have a fully operating home network as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes My Xfinity Router to Blink Orange and Green?

An Xfinity router blinking orange means that a firmware upgrade is in progress. If you’re having problems accessing the internet, please submit an update. A green light on the router, in contrast, indicates that it is unable to connect to the internet servers at all.

Why is the light on my Xfinity router orange?

Your Xfinity router’s orange light indicates that it is performing a firmware upgrade. Or the upgrade has been completed, but it can no longer connect to the internet services. In this instance, you’ll need to run multiple tests to figure out what’s causing the performance difficulties.


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