How to Fix Netgear Router Orange Light – Updated

Netgear routers include LED lights that illuminate and flash after the router is turned on and connected to the internet. I never paid close attention to these LED lights till one day when my internet connection was poor.

When the orange light on your router begins to flicker, it indicates that it is experiencing a connectivity issue. As a result, you shouldn’t be concerned if you notice this since, most of the time, the problem is with your internet service provider, not the router. However, the problem may be due to outdated firmware.

This article will explain how to repair the orange light on a Netgear router. There are several troubleshooting methods for the Netgear router’s orange light. Let’s have a look!

netgear router orange light

How to Fix a Netgear Router’s Internet Orange Light?

Following are our top fixes to solve this orange light issue on your Netgear router.

1. Examine the Ethernet wire and restart the router:

The orange light may illuminate because you have not correctly connected the Ethernet wire to the router. As a result, you should double-check that the Ethernet wire is correctly attached to the router. A loosely attached Ethernet connection is relatively common and occasionally occurs, especially if you have children constantly playing in the living area. After correctly connecting the Ethernet wire, restart the router and check whether the orange light is still blinking.

If this is the problem, the green light will turn on once the router and modem are both turned on. This indicates that the router is functioning correctly, and you may now reconnect your devices to the internet. However, if your Ethernet cable continues to become loose while correctly connected to the router, you should replace it.

Examine the Ethernet wire and restart the router

2. Restart your modem and router:

If the following procedure does not work, you can power cycle both devices. This essentially requires restarting the modem and router. So, disconnect the modem and router’s power cables from their power sources, wait a few seconds, and then connect them back in.

This usually helps to solve a sluggish internet connection. Thus it may help troubleshoot the blinking internet orange light, which generally indicates an issue with internet access.

If this still does not work, connect your computer to the modem via an Ethernet connection. Check to see if your laptop has linked to the internet; if it has, this may indicate that the problem is with your router rather than the modem. If your computer does not connect to the internet after using the Ethernet connection, the issue is with your internet service provider, not the router. In this case, you should contact your internet provider and notify the problem so that a technician may repair your network connection.

Restart your modem and router

3. Firmware Update:

When the orange light on your router blinks, it is most likely due to outdated firmware incompatible with the modem. This is because your internet provider will automatically update your modem every time an update is released.

As a result, you may manually upgrade your router’s firmware by signing in to your router’s admin page and selecting the “advanced tab” option. After you’ve completed this, look for “Firmware Upgrade” on your display and choose it.

Following these two steps, you should check for any new updates and download them before installing the upgraded firmware. Once you’ve updated the software on your router, it will reboot itself, and the internet light will begin flashing green, indicating that it is restored to regular functionality. Once the light on your Netgear router begins to flicker green, you will have a solid internet connection.

Updating Firmware

4. Contact Customer Service:

If nothing else works, we usually skip this step. Perhaps your router is broken, and you cannot repair it alone. In that situation, you should get in touch with tech support. They may test your connection, review the router setup, and help you troubleshoot the issue. Just be sure you adequately explain what is happening and the problem.

If they cannot assist you remotely, they can dispatch a technician to do a thorough examination and determine whether the problem can be resolved.

Wrap Up:

The Netgear router flashing orange light might be inconvenient, but it does not necessarily spell the end of your internet connection. Follow these steps to resolve this issue and resume online browsing in no time! And, once again, contact support if you believe that some of the methods are too difficult for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I restart my modem daily?

No. Although it is not required to reboot your modem regularly, you should do it at least once every few months.

How can I reactivate my Netgear router?

Netgear routers include a reset button on the back that you press for around seven seconds before releasing. To reset the router correctly, you must also confirm it is turned on.


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