How To Fix Calling Restrictions – Complete Guide

When you contact Verizon and receive an error message that states, “calls cannot be completed because there are restrictions on this line,” the problem is usually not as severe as you would think.

The fact that you are receiving this warning is unpleasant, and there are various probable explanations; nonetheless, addressing the issue should be simple in at least 90% of cases.

In this article, we will look at the fundamental causes of the problem as well as potential remedies. As a result, we will be able to resume normal operations as soon as feasible.

What Is a Restricted Call Or Phone Number?

To understand why my phone indicates restricted when I contact someone, we must first comprehend the entire limited call drama. A restricted call comes from a person who does not wish to be contacted again.

The caller has asked that the telecom firm or service providers not reveal their phone numbers. This might be for several reasons, such as wanting a callback, not revealing their identity, or not being monitored.

No caller ID would be displayed in such circumstances. A restricted call is placed by a person who does not wish to be recognized.

Call restrictions

Who Uses Restricted Calls to Contact Others?

Although some people employ this approach for greater privacy, it is most typically exploited by robocalls, telemarketers, and bill collectors. That is not to claim that all restricted calls are intended to defraud you.

Why Does My Phone Say Restricted When I Call?

In general, anybody with a few taps here and there may reduce their number. You will discover how to undo or accomplish this in the following steps. However, specific groups of individuals connect with others via restricted calls.

Police calls are typically made from restricted numbers to safeguard their mobile number from spammers and unwanted calls. They also utilize this way to ask for safety and peace.

However, this is not specified and is not a necessary law; instead, it is up to the police to restrict their phone number.

Tele callers, like everyone else, utilize restricted numbers for many reasons. One reason is that if they contact from an unidentified and restricted number, nobody will know whether the person on the other end of the line is a telemarketer and will answer the call.

This is because most individuals dislike answering such commercial calls. Another explanation might be that most individuals ban phone caller numbers from preventing further spam from them.

However, blocking a caller who dials from a restricted number is not feasible. Individuals who don’t wish to divulge their name or phone number may also dial restricted numbers.

Common Reasons for Why My Phone Says Restricted When I Call Someone:

If your phone number seems to be restricted, it is conceivable that you actively concealed your caller ID for unexplained reasons or that it happened by mistake.

If you are not aware and have not disguised it, here are a few probable and frequent reasons:

  • You may have mistakenly altered the caller ID settings on your phone.
  • You may have inadvertently pressed the block caller ID button.
  • It might also be the consequence of a mistake or error on your service provider’s part.

How To Fix Calling Restriction? 

If you wish to correct this problem, this is a key heading. If your service provider performed it, contact them immediately and request that they fix it. This usually takes several days as it is a time-consuming backend operation.

How To Fix Calling Restriction

For I-Phone Users:

If you own an iPhone, perform these steps:

  • On your phone, go to Settings.
  • Select Phone.
  • Select Show my Caller ID at the bottom of the page.

It is enabled by default, but you could have mistakenly touched anything, so if it is disabled, you may enable it as needed.

For Android User:

If you have an Android, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Select Network Settings.
  • Select the Caller ID and choose whether to display or hide it.

Please bear in mind that the procedure for switching on and off caller ID on Android differs from device to handset, but it is always accessible via the Phone Settings page.

How To Confirm If The “Restricted” Problem Has Been Resolved?

Restriction Verification

  • If you did nothing to cause this warning to appear, you could attempt the solutions listed above to resolve the problem.
  • Check to verify if the solutions worked after applying them.
  • Call your home phone or any of your other cell phones.
  • Whether you reside with friends or family, call their phone to test if the call goes through without the restricted call notice and whether they see your caller ID.

Can You Block Restricted Numbers?

Most phone systems have a call-blocking option. Add that to your list of prohibited calls to block a phone number.

They will no longer be able to contact you after adding a number to this list, but what if you can’t see the number itself?

You may still block certain numbers, but you may need to download specific applications on your phone.

How do I Unrestricted restricted calls? 

If you restrict the contacts manually, you may unblock them by returning to the phone app or contacts app’s settings (depending on the device). If your carrier/service provider has blocked the calls, you must notify them.

Is Answering a Restricted Call Safe?

The answer to this query may be entirely up to you. A call from a restricted caller shows someone attempting to hide their identity. It is, however, not unusual for it to be inadvertent.

Answering such calls might get you in trouble, but the majority of the time, it is unintended and unbeknownst to the caller.

Wrap Up:

There are several approaches to dealing with restricted calls. You can block the number, report it to the authorities, or ignore it.

It is critical to be informed of the many possibilities accessible to you and to select the one that best meets your needs.

Note that restricted calls can come from anybody, so you must always be cautious while answering them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are Call Restrictions?

Call restrictions are offered as part of the call-blocking service. Call restrictions are the ability to restrict outgoing calls to specific phone numbers or to prohibit calls from certain numbers from being initiated.

Mobile phones can utilize a call-limiting service to regulate incoming and outgoing calls. Some telephone service providers charge a fee for restricting the number of calls that can be made.

What is Call Barring?

You may use this strategy to prevent both outgoing and incoming calls. While they are prohibited, incoming calls cannot be answered. This might block anyone from conducting international calls.

The call-blocking service settings may be tailored to your unique needs. Outgoing and incoming calls may be routed and managed, as well as numbers and caller ID.

What Are Calling Restrictions? – Does That Indicate a Block?

Call restrictions and call-blocking services are two very distinct ideas. The call-limiting service controls incoming and outgoing calls, while the call-blocking service can prevent outbound calls.

It’s impossible to know whether you’ve been blocked, but call limits will notify you if you try to contact someone who isn’t answering. Call restrictions and blocking are not synonymous, nor are they interchangeable.

When does it say this call cannot be completed due to restrictions?

When does it say this call cannot be performed because of restrictions? This error message indicates that the caller has banned the number, that the number cannot receive sensitive data, or that the number is an outbound service provider number.

If this warning occurs when calling, there may be an issue with the number you are dialing. One of the most prevalent causes of this issue is inputting incorrect numbers.

If the number you provided is valid, but you still see the error message, you may not be able to call that location. This error message might be caused by a call-blocking feature on that phone number. If this is the case, you’ll need to verify your phone’s call-blocking settings to resolve the issue.

How Can I Tell If Someone Has Blocked My Phone Number?

It is possible to get alerts informing you whether or not you have been banned. Notice messages such as “Messages not being sent” indicate that your phone number has been blocked, yet, the same warnings may show if your phone credit has run out.

Try phoning the person again. It’s conceivable that they’ve blocked your number if you hear a busy tone or voicemail.

Is it possible to dial from a phone that has blocked my number?

Calling a phone that has blocked your number is prohibited unless the user first unblocks it. Even if your phone is prohibited, you may still make a call by dialing *67 before the phone number you wish to contact. This free service allows you to conceal your phone number. This will appear as an Unknown Number, Anonymous, Private, or Blocked Number on caller ID.

Is it possible to make phone calls when in flight mode?

When engaged, Airplane mode stops the phone from connecting to a mobile phone network, Wi-Fi network, or Bluetooth connection. You can’t make or receive calls or messages if you don’t have a cellular or Wi-Fi network connection. As a result, you will be unable to accept or make calls in airplane mode.

How Do I Disable Call Restrictions on My Phone?

To disable call limits on your phone, go to Settings > Call Settings > Call Barring > Additional Settings. Call limits can be enabled or disabled from this page.

What exactly is a blocked call on my Samsung phone?

A restricted call is made by someone who does not wish to be tracked. When these calls are received, they frequently show on a cell phone as “Restricted.” It’s usually impossible to determine the exact number of the limited call, so you’ll probably want to block the number.

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